Siqi Lyu

Landscape Designer MLA, BLA

A love of nature, combined with a keen interest in how the design of spaces affects people’s behaviour, prompted Siqi to pursue a career in landscape architecture. Born and raised in Hangzhou, China, she earned her Bachelor of Landscape Architecture degree there at Zhejiang University. Now a landscape designer at PLANT, she held intern and part-time positions with the practice while completing her Master of Landscape Architecture at the University of Toronto. At PLANT her projects range from parks to landscapes that integrate new development into post-secondary campuses. Also active as an illustrator, Siqi is adept at conveying ideas in formats ranging from hand sketching to rendering software. Her approach to landscape design is narrative: she views it as the art of selecting, combining, and arranging elements so that a compelling story unfolds for a person moving through that space. Landscape stories are particularly fascinating to her because they must be planned from the outset to change over time.