René earned a Bachelor of Arts in Geography at McGill University in Montreal and a Master of Science in Historic Preservation at Columbia University in New York City. Seeking a career that would be a good fit with her love of being outdoors and her creative mindset, she subsequently entered the Master of Landscape Architecture program at the University of Toronto. After graduating with her MLA in 2010, she worked with Quennell Rothschild & Partners LLP in New York City and Brook McIlroy in Toronto. In 2016 she joined PLANT as a Landscape Architect. René is drawn to both the theoretical and pragmatic sides of her profession. She has participated in landscape-themed art exhibitions including PhotoKathmandu in Nepal and the Gladstone GrowOp in Toronto. She finds that the most satisfying landscape projects are the ones with significant site constraints, and she aspires to make cities so engaging and delightful that residents won’t want to flee them on the weekend.