Nico van Loggerenberg

Architectural Designer MArch, BAS (Hons), BSc (Arch), Prof. Arch (SACAP)

In addition to running his own architectural studio, ANVLworks, for nearly a decade in his native South Africa, Nico has extensive experience as a film-industry concept artist and set designer, a collaborator on major public art installations, and a furniture designer. He designed digital and physical models for spacecraft featured in the television series Raised by Wolves (Sir Ridley Scott, executive producer). As a consultant to Johannesburg-based sculptor Marco Cianfanelli, Nico was instrumental in the design, technical detailing, fabrication, and on-site assembly of large-scale sculptures such as Pulse, at Nike International Headquarters in Beaverton, OR. Adaptive reuse and renovations that restore logic to buildings that have become muddled through multiple alterations over time are central preoccupations in his architectural work. His ANVLworks projects include Rosemary Hill, a multi-building events venue, and House Joy, an artist’s home designed for solo living – and for family visits. Nico’s PLANT projects range from a Toronto Community Housing Corporation renovation to Mulock Park’s Riverine Water Feature.