Anthony has more than six years’ experience in producing conceptual, schematic and detailed design packages and overseeing the construction of multi-unit and single-family residential projects, office and retail buildings, and projects for the cultural and recreational sectors. He is adept at understanding clients’ needs, formulating appropriate design strategies and technical solutions, and meticulously meeting deadlines. Skilled at drawing from an early age and thoroughly familiar with a wide spectrum of design software, he has an ability to integrate narrative concept diagrams and photorealistic renderings in presentations that clearly and compellingly convey a project’s essence. While based in Lebanon, he worked on projects including a townhouse complex that leverages its sloped site to provide each unit with a private garden; a sports park that functions as a small town’s community hub; and a cultural centre that combines enclosed, outdoor, and semi-enclosed spaces to maximize functional programming possibilities on a constrained site. At PLANT Anthony is working on multiple residential renovations and accessibility-focused improvements to the multi-level outdoor play area at the University of Toronto’s Jackman Institute of Child Studies (JICS) Lab School.