We are PLANT. We are architects and landscape architects and we make personal and public spaces for people like you.

We’ve been doing this for twenty-five years. We’ve done a lot of beautiful, weird, and interesting things, and we bring that knowledge to every new project. Including yours.

Research and critical thinking are fundamental to the way we work. We use our love of debate and iteration to create projects with a strong cultural-historical grounding, a sensitivity to the nature of individual sites, and a deep interest in how people live in and experience space.

We call ourselves PLANT because, like a plant, we have a deep-rooted connection to the environment and a strong sense of place. Like the other kind of plant, we also make things; we value process, craft, and construction. Sometimes we like to plant things – like ideas in people’s minds, or unexpectedly delightful moments in a place – and of course beautiful flora in landscapes.

design that listens

We come from different disciplinary backgrounds and we challenge each other to explore design problems from many perspectives. When we begin a project, we research, investigate, experiment, and sometimes debate like crazy. We take no aspect of the design as a given; we question everything, and commit ourselves to pursuing the questions until a hard-won consensus is reached. As a result, our design solutions are strong, flexible, and responsive to the needs of many different types of people.

design that lasts

Though our work is unquestionably contemporary, it delves deeper than simply following the latest trend. We ground our designs in a deep reading of the cultural, physical, and historical context of the place and community, and develop our projects with precision and careful consideration of details to ensure they stand the test of time.

design for public good

We are committed to building communities – one living space, one workplace, one public space at a time. Whether our clients are individuals or large organizations, we find opportunities to fulfil their requirements while also contributing to the public good. We create spaces that inspire cultural discovery, promote intellectual inquiry, value contemplation, and are there for people to enjoy and engage with. We use resources wisely, and value stewardship of our shared environment.

design at any scale

We understand that the small details are just as important as the big vision. The design of a chair can have as much impact on someone’s life as the design of a building or a major urban square. We get excited about how both big and small things are made, and how small details can affect people’s experience in big ways.

what we do


We work with commercial, institutional, residential, and municipal clients on new buildings, renovations, additions, interiors, façade design, and adaptive reuse.


For interior projects, we do space planning, furniture layouts, lighting and acoustic design, accessibility upgrades, custom furniture, fixtures, and finish and colour selections.

Landscape Architecture

We work in both the public and private realms on projects as diverse as community parks, town squares, plazas, memorials, streetscapes, landscape restorations, green roofs, residential gardens, and commercial and institutional landscapes. On public projects, our scope often involves community consultation, public art, accessibility enhancements, and custom detail design.

Public Realm

We work with municipalities to develop and improve pedestrian and cycling infrastructure, trails, bridges and streetscapes. Public realm projects involve coordinating between municipal departments and other stakeholders such as transportation services, planning and development, utility companies, and conservation authorities.

Master Plans

We develop master plans for educational campuses, large-scale mixed-use developments, public parks, and streetscapes.

Feasibility Studies

We conduct feasibility studies assessing technical, economic, legal, and cultural opportunities and constraints for architecture, landscape architecture, and infrastructure.

Art & Installations

Sometimes we just need to scratch an intellectual itch, get down and dirty, have fun and make something. We take pleasure in testing our ideas by building them, and we believe that well-crafted, beautiful objects and places have enduring resonance.


We also wear many other hats and offer services such as integrated graphics, public facilitation, and custom furniture and lighting design.

Chris Pommer, Lisa Rapoport, and Mary Tremain founded PLANT in 1994. Since then, we have grown to include a team of Architects, Landscape Architects, designers, and support staff. In 2017, Eric Klaver became the studio’s fourth partner.

We are based in Toronto, but we do work across Canada and Internationally.

We are currently hiring an Architect and a Landscape Architect:

Intermediate Landscape Architect Required:

The candidate is required in September 2021.
We are looking for a landscape architect with a minimum of 4 years postgraduate professional experience. We require a creative, inquisitive, and motivated individual with a dedication to idea-driven work and to working in a studio atmosphere. You must possess strong conceptual and detailed design skills including construction drawings and contract administration. We like to work with well-read, articulate, engaged individuals who have the ability to organize their thoughts and work, and the ability to speak and write clearly in English.
You would work closely with both the architecture and landscape architecture teams and would be responsible for managing projects, design, research, preparation of technical drawings, budget and schedule management, client presentations and meetings. Projects will include public landscapes, public realm and urban infrastructure, research and experimentation, exhibition work, and custom private commissions.
• Demonstrated excellence in design. Ability to communicate design ideas and direction quickly.
• Enthusiastic about landscape architecture, architecture, and design.
• Strong project management and organizational skills. Ability to manage multiple,concurrent projects in various stages of development.
• Excellent interpersonal skills and the ability to work collaboratively in a studio environment.
• 4+ years of postgraduate professional office experience including coordinating and working on the design of large and medium-scale projects such as urban squares and parks, public realm projects, and conservation area projects.
• Familiarity with urban landscape projects.
• Knowledge of local arboriculture and horticulture.
• Demonstrated technical skills in preparing technical working drawings for both hardscape and soft-scape elements (grading and layout plans, material plans, planting plans, construction details).
• High level of graphic communication skills.
• High level of freehand and rendering skills, and be capable of using 2D/3D software, including AutoCAD, SketchUp, PhotoShop, InDesign, Illustrator, and PowerPoint. Knowledge of VECTORWORKS would be ideal.
• MLA or foreign equivalent.
• Ability and interest to become an OALA Full Member.
• Resident of Canada or ability to obtain a work permit for a period of more than 1 year

How to Apply:

Please visit our website to ensure your design capabilities are compatible with our firm, before you apply.
Submit work samples along with your resume and cover letter to:
Email Title: LA Position July 2021-PLANT Application Deadline: August 31st, 2021
Attn: Mary Tremain
No phone calls please.
Thank you in advance for your interest in this job opportunity. Please note that only those candidates under consideration will be contacted directly.

Architect Required:

The candidate is required in September 2021.
We are currently seeking an architect with 8-10 years post-graduate office experience. We like to work with well-read, articulate, engaged individuals who enjoy collaboration and working in a studio atmosphere. You will work closely with all members of the office including both the architecture and landscape architecture teams and will report directly to a partner. Responsibilities include managing projects and clients, ensuring work is within the project scope and schedule, managing other team members, and/or working as part of a team. Work will include all aspects of a project from schematic design, design development, construction documents, tender, and construction administration. Projects will include multi-unit and single-family residential, commercial, entertainment, institutional, renovations and new construction, public realm, research and experimentation, and custom private commissions.
This contract is available initially for a minimum of 1 year with a potential for extension.
• 8-10 years post-graduate professional office experience.
• BArch and MArch or foreign equivalent.
• Demonstrated strong design and organizational skills.
• A high level of graphic communication skills and spoken and written English.
• Ability to communicate design ideas and work collaboratively in a studio environment.
• Familiarity with local building codes and authority approval processes.
• Excellence in the following: traditional hand-drawing skills, technical construction document preparation, design and layout software, ideally including Vectorworks, AutoCAD, SketchUp, Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, and Keynote/PowerPoint.
• Eligible to work in Canada: Canadian Citizen, Permanent Resident, or Work Permit.

How to Apply:

Please submit work samples along with your resume and cover letter to:
Email Title: Architect, 2021 - PLANT Architect
Attn: Mary Tremain
Application screening will begin starting end of June, 2021. Deadline July 30, 2021.
No phone calls please.
Thank you in advance for your interest in this job opportunity. Please note that only those candidates under consideration will be contacted directly.

As we are a multidisciplinary studio, the more skills you have, the better, both digital and traditional. Especially important are the ability to organize your thoughts and your work, and the ability to speak and write clearly in English. Our studio is primarily interested in bridging architecture and landscape, and engages in architecture, landscape projects, and the threshold in between. Candidates must be eager to explore these areas of research. Most importantly, we like to work with well-read, articulate, engaged individuals who enjoy working in a studio atmosphere.

If you are interested, please send a curriculum vitæ and abbreviated electronic portfolio, showing examples of both professional and personal work. No phone calls please. Please send your information to:

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