The City

A network of roads spreads finely
through fields, between tower blocks
and building sites, it spins
through highways and downtowns
and downtowns. Dangerous neighbourhoods
await arteries. Maps
the city Toronto to the city Dublin to the city London.
All converge.
Circle road, Ring road.

I am going out all the exits on the highway
at the same time. Mapping
a leg to a shoulder, a memory to a hill, a blue vein
to an arm. Cross
sections of past. Yonge Street meets
King north of Piccadilly Circus
like a skin graft. Major intersections
cross the body.

I don’t know where I’m going and the city
calls to my voices, my limbs,
all my uncertain directions, saying:
Lie down in the not knowing.
Lie down in me.

– From Fear of the Ride by Ronna Bloom, published in 1996 by Carleton University Press

project index

  1. A Conversation of Views
  2. Admiral Road Garden
  3. Airdrie Road Residence
  4. Albany Avenue Residence
  5. Aporia Records
  6. Asphalt Poetry
  7. Baby Point Gardens
  8. Beach Village BIA Master Plan
  9. Beaty Residence
  10. Bennington Heights Garden
  11. Berkeley Street Residence
  12. Bin-Scarth Garden
  13. Blink and you miss it.
  14. Blue Note
  15. Booth Avenue Residence
  16. Boustrophedon Garden
  17. Braemore Gardens Residence
  18. Browning Avenue Residence
  19. Brunswick Avenue Residence
  20. Camp Arowhon Offices
  21. Canadian Firefighters Memorial
  22. Channelled Buried Moved Lost
  23. Chocolate Loft
  24. City Instrument
  25. Clarendon Garden
  26. Conversation Piece
  27. Creemore Farm
  28. Danforth Mosaic BIA Master Plan
  29. Dickson Park Garden
  30. Dilworth Residence
  31. Don Landing Revitalization
  32. Dublin Grounds of Remembrance
  33. Dundas Roncesvalles Peace Garden
  34. Dupont-by-the-Castle BIA
  35. East Point Bird Sanctuary
  36. Elizabeth Fry Society
  37. Ellsworth Residence
  38. Face to Face | Tête à Tête
  39. First Avenue Garden
  40. Foote’s Pond Wood
  41. Forest Hill Village Streetscape
  42. Gaze, Glimpse, Glance
  43. Goldring Landscape
  44. Gormley Garden
  45. Greener P
  46. Greer Road Garden
  47. Greer Road Residence
  48. Guelph Bridge
  49. Head in the Clouds
  50. Junction Craft Brewery
  51. Kelpies Competition
  52. Kew Gardens Streetscape
  53. Le jardin du repos
  54. Lenticular Curtain
  55. Liza’s Garden
  56. Lynwood Garden
  57. Macroscape
  58. Markham Garden One
  59. Markham Street Residence Two
  60. Midtown Yonge Streetscape
  61. Nathan Phillips Square
  62. Orchard View Garden
  63. Osgoode Atkinson Green Competition
  64. Owl Cottage
  65. Paperstone Scissors
  66. Peripheral Sitings
  67. Pottery Road Crossing
  68. rare
  69. Ravine Forecourt
  70. Ribbon of the Lower Don
  71. Riverside BIA Master Plan
  72. Roxborough Garden One
  73. Roxborough Garden Two
  74. Sheridan College
  75. Spadina Quay Wetland
  76. Stratford Market Square Competition
  77. Stratford Patterson Theatre Competition
  78. Superlegible
  79. Sweet Farm
  80. Sweet Farm Pond House
  81. The Meadows Reconsidered
  82. The Red Sash
  83. Thick & Thin
  84. Tipping Point
  85. Tranby Garden
  86. Tree House Residence
  87. UTM Welcome Landscape
  88. Venice Biennale 2012
  89. Vermont Square Park
  90. Vernon Avenue Garden
  91. Walmer Road Residence
  92. Wellesley Cottages Garden
  93. Wells Street Residence
  94. Westminster Residence
  95. With Words as Their Actions
  96. Woodlawn Avenue Residence
  97. Woven Stories
  98. York Park