The Peace Garden continues to impress the press. In her editorial in the August 2016 issue of Canadian Architect, Elsa Lam writes about being the lone architecture-trained juror on the most recent Canadian Society of Landscape Architects (CSLA) Awards, in which the new Peace Garden within the freshly revitalized Nathan Phillips Square received a National Award of Excellence. Elsa mentions that the jury admired the way the project has “carved out a place of sanctuary within the bustle of Toronto” and strengthened the city’s signature civic plaza as a whole. As well, the just-published Fall 2016 issue of the CSLA’s own Landscapes | Paysages contains a stunning spread on the Peace Garden. Also hot off the presses is Now’s August 18-24 cover story on Toronto’s “secret” public places. After noting that moving the Peace Pavilion (added to the centre of the 1960s square in 1984) to the plaza’s western edge was a controversial decision, Now reports that this place of peace has “never looked better.” It’s great to see the Peace Garden on Now’s wonderfully eclectic compendium of Toronto’s “mind-bending public spaces” – right up there with Commerce Court’s resplendently Deco north tower and the life-size white elephant sculpture that takes up an entire front yard on Yarmouth Street.