Face to Face an Architizer A+ Awards Finalist

We are excited to share the news that PLANT’s Face to Face / Tête à Tête curb-lane parklet for the City of Toronto is a Finalist in the international 2020 Architizer A+ Awards. As a Finalist, our project is one of five worldwide to be eligible for a Popular Choice Award in its category. This means that as of today and until July 31, 2020, you have an opportunity to vote for it online – and we do hope you will! To vote, please follow this link and search for Face to Face or PLANT Architect Inc. (That’s faster than scrolling through all the award categories.)

Created for the King Street Transit Pilot, our six-feet-wide ‘concentrated community conversation zone’ received a nod from the jurors in the Architecture + Urban Transformation category, which recognizes projects that create new public spaces and build “new ways for the world’s citizens to live more densely within existing urban fabric.”

Face to Face / Tête à Tête was completed on a $25,000 budget, with PLANT staff sharing in some of the fabrication duties with the amazingly resourceful team at Oriole Landscaping. This project has transformed a couple of curb-lane parking spots on King Street just east of Yonge into a place where pedestrians can pause and connect. (A success in its own right, the King Street Transit Pilot demonstrated that a more-streetcars-fewer-cars approach on central King would ease downtown traffic congestion, and this route is now known as the King Street Transit Priority Corridor.) For more on Face to Face / Tête à Tête, please see our website and PLANT’s Architizer page.