PLANT is a studio of architects and landscape architects who specialize in the making of personal and public space. We’ve been doing this for thirty years. We’ve done a lot of beautiful, weird, and interesting things, and we bring that knowledge to every new project. Research and critical thinking are fundamental to the way we work. We use our love of debate and iteration to create projects with a strong cultural-historical grounding, a sensitivity to the nature of individual sites, and a deep interest in how people live in and experience space.

We call ourselves PLANT because, like a plant, we have a deep-rooted connection to the environment and a strong sense of place. Like the other kind of plant, we also make things: we value process, craft, and construction. Sometimes we like to plant things – like ideas in people’s minds, or unexpectedly delightful moments in a place – and of course beautiful flora in landscapes.

Our primary areas of specialization include residential and institutional architecture and landscape architecture, adaptive reuse, interiors, urban infrastructure, feasibility studies, and master planning. We also offer a broad range of value-added services that include furniture and lighting design, public facilitation, and integrated graphics.

As we are a multidisciplinary studio, the more skills you have, the better, both digital and traditional. Especially important are the ability to organize your thoughts and your work, and the ability to speak and write clearly in English. Our studio is primarily interested in bridging architecture and landscape, and engages in architecture, landscape projects, and the threshold in between. Candidates must be eager to explore these areas of research. Most importantly, we like to work with well-read, articulate, engaged individuals who enjoy working in a studio atmosphere.

current positions

We are not currently hiring, however we always welcome resumés from interesting candidates.