a word about the type

This website is set in Ludwig, a typeface designed in 2009 by Fred Smeijers. Ludwig is a modern reinterpretation of early 19th Century German grotesks. From Typedia:

While Ludwig is based on grots of the 1800s, it is not a mere revival. It embodies Smeijers personal vision of how an early 19th-century sanserif design might look and perform today.

Ludwig is released by Type Tailors.

website design & implementation

This new edition of the PLANT website was designed by Johanna & Nils Hörrmann of hana+nils, working closely (and patiently) during 2017/18 with PLANT.

don’t break the internet

The redesign of the website uses human-readable URLs as much as possible, and every effort has been made to maintain links from the old pages to the new.