vermont square park

View of the Art Bench

Vermont Square Park is an active community park in downtown Toronto. The park setting includes street frontage, an open field, a playground, and two recreational buildings. The revitalization project was designed to create high-quality, innovative, and accessible public gathering spaces within and around the edges of the park, whilst strengthening the site’s relationship to adjacent buildings and streets.

Our work involved the re-design of the playground, tree canopy restoration, and the design of a perimeter walk that presents a stronger, more welcoming street presence. It also involved the design of an Art Bench which has come to serve as the backbone of the park, acting as both fence and social convener. The armrests will be filled with laser-cut artwork designed in collaboration with the community.

The design improves lawn space, ensures tree health, and increases public access while maintaining child safety through increased visibility and after-dark lighting.

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Picture time in the Natural Play area


The Natural Play area at sunset


Detail of the viewing posts


Detail of the Art Bench armrests


Looking south along the Art Bench


Bocce Court benches


Benches along Rossmore Road


View of the Art Bench looking South


View of the Art Bench and Playground


Under the trees looking West

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