sweet farm

The Tree

Sweet Farm is an 85-acre private park in Quebec’s Eastern Townships. The project comprises a series of architectural, sculptural, and landscape interventions along a network of natural paths through a varied natural landscape. Interventions such as a forest dining area, a woodshed, tower, mink cage garden and belvedere enhance and point to natural and man made features and the sensuous aspects of the site – heightening the visitor’s experience of the existing landscape – as if one were seeing them for the first time. Interventions are built incrementally with material harvested from or found on the site. Sweet Farm has been under construction since 1994.

Sweet Farm Wood Shed

The Wood Shed

Sweet Farm Wood Shed

Side Elevation of Wood Shed

View of Mink Cage Garden

The Mink Cage Garden

View of Slough

The Slough

View of Belvedere

The Belvedere

View of Belvedere

Side View of Belvedere

View of Woven Walls

The Woven Walls

View of Marsh Porch

The Marsh Porch

View of Marsh Porch

Straight View of Marsh Porch

Marsh Porch detail

The Marsh Porch - Detail

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Sweet Farm Pond House : Sweet Farm Exhibition