princess margaret healing garden

Daytime View from above

Our 2013 shortlisted design for the fourteenth-floor healing garden at the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre in Toronto creates a holistic viewing-garden for patients, visitors, and staff. Like a Monet painting dense with daubs of colour, the entire garden coalesces into a harmonious, tonal visual landscape of calming shades of blue, blue-green and turquoise. The design adheres to therapeutic principles by minimizing shadows, movement, and other visual ambiguities.

This serene landscape comprises a densely packed ring of leaf-shaped hedges and planters, each filled with a single plant species arranged on a bed of crushed coloured glass. All artificial to accommodate the lack of irrigation, the ivy, planters, and grasses provide variation in texture and colour year-round. Skewed on a diagonal, the garden pattern extends the trajectory of the patient’s view, maximizing the layers of the garden’s texture and colour, and ensuring pleasant views for patients resting in bed or sitting in chairs during chemotherapy treatment.

View across the garden

View from the elevator lobby

View of the garden during the day

Daytime winter view

View of the garden at night

Nighttime view


Garden Context Plan

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