Ravine Forecourt

View of entry bridge

This front yard landscape for a six-unit apartment building weaves together a predominantly linear design with a native woodland garden. The linear pattern is derived from the required parking; the garden an elaboration of the adjacent ravine. The approach to the front door jogs along alternating stone and wood bridges punctuated by board-formed concrete walls and large boulders. The bridges float above the plants and are subtly lit from below. The vast variety of plants are arranged in strips – Albers like – their softness woven like a quilt. To protect the ravine from erosion and reduce the load on city storm sewers, all stormwater on the site is collected in decorative granite gravel troughs at the edge of the parking spaces and in gravel elements in the garden itself.

The Ravine Forecourt won a 2006 Design Exchange Silver Award and a 2007 Interior Design Magazine Best of Canada Award.

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View of entry bridges

View of the entry bridges

View of the lower garden

Detail at the first bridge

View of Garbage box and path

View showing the garbage box and main walkway

View showing the upper garden and urn

View showing the upper garden and urn

View showing the upper garden

View showing the upper garden

View showing the lower garden and ravine edge

View from the front door

The view from above

The view from above

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