Fern Avenue Greening

View of the Entry Garden

This is a long-term master plan for the front and rear of a Toronto school, developed in conjunction with a parent and student volunteer committee. Constructed elements are to be built by the school board,and planting and maintenance are achieved through community contributions. Phase one of the pathway and one planting bed have been completed. The design integrates the fragmented sections of the frontage along Fern Avenue by providing a continuous free-form meandering pathway which connects the various garden areas, courtyard and seating spaces: a shrub garden that screens the east entry court from the road, teaching gardens with wildflowers, vegetables and grasses, an amphitheatre, sculpture and reading woodland fern) garden, and the western entry court with a garden of spring flowering trees and butterfly-friendly plants.

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View from the street

View from the sidewalk

View to the street

View to the street

View of path along school front

The path to the entry court

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