face to face

View of the parklet looking west

Face to Face / Tête à Tête – part of the King Street Pilot Project – creates a place for shared conversation along 44 feet of roadway in downtown Toronto. With two unexpectedly long tables (13 and 16 feet, respectively), flanked by continuous benches and wrapped with planting, this is a place for concentrated community conversation, animated inside the words Face to Face/Tête à Tête dynamically projected over all of the surfaces – bench, planters, tables, and deck. With only six feet of width overall, the narrow striking blue and orange room promotes both intimacy within the bustle of King Street, and deliberately intensifies the conversation. Shaped like boomerangs, one table angles toward the street, and one toward the sidewalk, subtly inviting participants to the table angled to watch the passers-by on the sidewalk, or to hail to those on bike and streetcar. The table is a central focus recalling big family dinners – promoting larger collective/community gathering – yet the narrowness allows for individual occupation, co-working, musing, lunching, and dreaming.

These photos document the installation of the parklet on 24–25 April 2018. Check back for “action shots” soon.

View looking east

Looking eastward

View of the benches being lowered into place

Craning in the pieces

View of Ianos aligning two pieces of bench

Fitting it together

View of contractors aligning a bench


View of two men filling planters using shovels

Prepping the planting beds

Chris painting the underside of a bench

Sweating the details

Lisa looking down at a circumflex accent on the ground

Checking our accents

detail view of painted benches and tables


View along the long tables

The long table

Detail view of table and bench edges

Dazzling text.

View of a hand grasping a screw on the edge of a table

Finishing touches

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