College Montrose Children's Garden

View of Model

View from the South

The existing 4000 sf “concrete sea” playground is to be converted to a sunken children’s garden and activity space for kids ages 0–5, and a place for community gatherings. The East end of the garden will have a circular child-sized “forest” of butterfly-attracting shrubs, and the West end is to have a courtyard for community gatherings, arts and crafts, dramatic and sand play – sheltered by vines, a new tree canopy, and aircraft cable for overhead banners.

The garden is both a place for children to measure their changing height, hand, or head size in relation to built and growing elements, and a place for watching seasonal growth and abundance: explosive blooms of magnolia flowers which pop and fall within a week in April, swaths of yellow bulbs which peep out in May, huge catalpa tree leaves and hand-shaped Sassafras tree leaves, arching branches of Butterfly Bushes which appear and grow to four feet over the summer.

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comparative leaf size diagram

Scale analysis diagram

Garden Element Scale Analysis

View of Model

Top View

View of Model

View from the North

The Three-foot Forest of Gigantic Blooms

Looking West towards the School