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Aerial View

Campus landscapes have the power to convey to current and prospective students, faculty and staff the distinctiveness of a school’s character. PLANT has created a signature landscape design that will reflect and embody the cultural identity of the York U campus, enhance existing heritage architecture and future signature buildings, strengthen the place of the heritage buildings on the site while also creating a sustainable green with an ecological presence on the campus. As part of this plan to fortify the historical presence of the buildings and to introduce to the site a renewed sense of growth, community and conservation, we have opened up the green, offering a commanding view of the architecture and reconnecting the buildings to the site character. The design offers to students, faculty, staff and visitors an outdoor lounge with multiple points of entry. By creating an accessible, welcoming space for study, socialization and improved connectivity, the campus community is strengthened and the interaction between faculties and disciplines is achieved.

In an effort to promote circulation and increase pedestrian safety, PLANT’s design will bolster the north-south connection by introducing a planting buffer between the main path and Scholar’s Walk. The central open space will feature existing healthy trees as well as native and adaptive species by drawing from surrounding historic plant communities. This framing of the open lawn will both capture storm-water and direct circulation.


Rainwater Detention Wetland Section


Road / Green Edge Treatment Section


Site Plan


Vegetation Diagram

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