Vernon Garden

View of the dot paving

The strategy for this garden was two-fold: to exploit the prominence of the concrete block garage that is only eleven feet away, by flipping the garden's focus from the ground to the wall, and to provide continuity from the family room through to the garden. A loom of criss-crossed cables stretches over the concrete block face and sloped shingle roof, making a meshwork of climbing plants. The ground surface is an "eye-test" of round concrete pavers; planting areas fill in the voids. Sliding glass doors replace the bay window, providing direct access to the garden; a single bench acts as a step into the garden from the house, screens the AC unit, provides storage, and is carried through the threshold to become a small coat closet inside the house.

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View of the house

View of the house from the garden

View of the garage

View of the garage from the garden gate

View of the garage

View of the garage from the house

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