Tranby Garden

View of fountain

This 18 × 22 ft (6 × 6.5m) urban back garden was designed as an outdoor dining and writing courtyard “room” for two writers in downtown Toronto. The room’s perimeter is defined by a stone “area rug” and wood “runner” at the floor, a removable canvas “ceiling”, and new “wall” (fence) finishes, designed to extend the eye up and beyond the space: a slowly oxidizing copper wall with mirror, and toothed trellises for vines. These richly coloured, textured, and changing materials surround the central garden room element: a nine foot long fixed stone and steel table with a built-in fountain. In addition to chilling wine, the fountain is an aural backdrop to city noise, creating a distinctly private place in the middle of the city. Along the length of the runner is an outdoor copper deluge shower, barbecue area, a chaise longue for two with built in planter, and storage lockers. The Tranby Garden received an OAA Award of Excellence – Honorable Mention in 2003.

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View of shower

The outdoor shower

View of canopy

The dining room canopy

View of table

The view from the house

View of chaise longue

The double chaise longue

Tranby Front Garden : Tranby Avenue Residence

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