Concept Collage

PLANT received the Protégé Honour Award from the Toronto Arts Council in 2003 to create a garden as the Toronto Arts Award prize to video artist Richard Fung. With utmost economy this project proposes solutions to several problems posed by a tiny (16' wide × 26' long) backyard: How to connect the house interior with the garden, how to capture visual and aural privacy without sacrificing access to light, air movement, and sense of open space?

Three moving screens reflecting Fung’s medium – light, sound and time – border the garden, screening south light, screening sound from the North and creating an armature against which the garden’s growth can be read. All three move – one warping over time, one modulating light movements and the last swaying in the wind. The existing deck was lowered and reorganized to create an unobstructed view to the ornamental garden.

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View to dining room

Dining area

View to dining room

Screen wall – closed

View to dining room

Screen wall – open

View to dining room

Dining area with hanging panels

View to dining room

Vine trellis

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