Prince George Drive Garden

View towards gate

This 100 × 110 ft (30 × 33.5 m) Toronto garden master plan joins together four previously disconnected and exposed strips of lawn into one unified pinwheel scheme on an exposed corner lot. Two sides of the garden are private spaces, shielded from the street by a gate at one end of a shady woodland garden and a rose arbour at the far end of a sunny vegetable/perennial garden. The two street sides of the plan act as display and foreground gardens for the house. The new deck, canopy, paving, fountain, fencing and gate have been completed in the first phase of work. Elements like the fence are layered onto existing components to allow the integrity of the original to remain. As part of a master plan for renovations to the entire property, interior renovations have included new finishes and cabinetwork in the kitchen, master bedroom and bathroom, and entry.

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View of terrace

The paved terrace

Detail of gate

The gate

Detail of Stair

The stair screen bench

View of fence and trellis

The fence

Detail of canopy

The canopy

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