Melbourne Avenue Residence

View of the rear of the garden

The shady backyard of a filmmaker and a designer in Parkdale was re-constructed as a courtyard with a limestone aggregate surface flanked by thick wood platforms for gathering, playing bocce and projecting films. The platforms of recycled lumber perform as decking and seating, The red-stained frame outlines the yellow twig dogwood behind, acts as a face-to-face love seat, and can be strung with a projection screen. A fabric canopy at the house (not yet built) will provide shade and protection from bird activity and litter falling from a large elm tree overhead. Dogwood hedges at the garden edges are solid green in summer, and become red and yellow monochromatic colour blocks in the winter.

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Winter view of rear of garden

View towards frame and yellow dogwood

View of the two decks

Recycled lumber platforms

Detail view of planter

Planter detail within platform

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