Kendal Avenue Garden

View of the Dining Area

This 25'×43' garden had been developed botanically over a number of years, taking over most of the backyard, and leaving the outdoor activity space in need of reorganization. Our project was to create both a physical restructuring of the space to include an area for eating and sitting in the sun or shade, provide significant garden storage and wood storage, and reconsider how the existing plant specimens could be part of a more coherent structure. The new garden then is clearly organized, provides a great variety of spaces in a very small area, and gives a new graceful context for the nurtured collection of plants that the owners had devoted many hard years of collecting. The garden is organized as a sequence of stone paved spaces around a mound dominated by the existing dogwood. The garden gets visual depth in its tiny dimension by sequencing these spaces linearly, parallel to the house rear: patio, storage bench, planting strips, dining area and shed.

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Detail view of threshold

Reused slate roof tile threshold

View form the upper deck

New garden and planting strips

View of walkway paving

Walkway paving with moss

View to the rear of the garden

View towards dining area and shed

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