Howland Garden Two

Garden entry trellis

This 27×63 ft (8.2×19.2m) urban garden retreat for a journalist and professor couple in Toronto is a composition of outdoor “rooms” for dining, sculpture and reading. Each room has been established to respond to particular light conditions, plants, and function. The rooms are defined and divided by diaphanous wrought iron and wood trellis screens for vines, materials that are inspired by the details on the house. The dining area is sheltered by a wrought iron and wood pergola with removable canopy banners. The meandering stone path and central wrought iron “vine cage” play off the severe symmetry of the house. The architectural forms in this garden read strongly in winter, and are softened by vines in the summer.

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View to dining room

The dining room

View from reading room

The reading room

View of sculpture garden

The sculpture garden

View of dining room trellis

The dining room trellis

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Howland Avenue Residence