greer road garden

View of the front garden

Tailored to the perennial green thumb of the owner, the front and rear gardens were completely transformed to provide a crisp but informal entry to the newly renovated house, and a place for relaxation, entertaining, and gardening at the rear. At the front, we introduced asymmetrical and interlinked paths as well as a highly varied palette of perennials for year-round colour and interest. At the rear, we re-worked the deck, patio, and plantings, organizing these elements around an enormous silver maple tree. Located at the centre of this tiny yard, the large tree serves as the central feature of the garden’s design.


The front path with planting islands


Detail of the front planting


The back deck and BBQ area


The back deck


The stone path to the dining area


Looking back to the dining area

View of the dining area

Looking back to the house

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