Gormley Avenue Garden

View of the garden

This garden tableau is made to be contemplated from its edge (the existing deck and rear of the house) like a diorama. It is shaped by a striped carpet of alternating plantings and stones, existing transparent side fences, and a cast of characters in dialogue: a double-layered freestanding reflected fence, a fountain object light, a small tree group dominated by a Japanese maple and originally, a massive elm tree trunk – this has since died, and solid cedars have been planted instead. The red of the Japanese maple is echoed in the reflections from the galvanized metal fence (red on the back) into mirrors placed on the fence. The plant stripes vary in width to visually alter the perceived depth of the space – making it appear slightly flatter, while the mirrors on the fence appear to cut through the fence, making the space seen deeper.

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View of the garden from above

View from the second floor

View of the garden light

View of the path and globe light

Detail view of the fence

Mirror feature on fence

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