Euclid Avenue Garden

View of the rear of the garden

View of the carport and wood storage

This 1180sf narrow Toronto rear garden was reorganized to increase the usable area of the lot using two devices. The first device dismantles the existing garage and converts it into a carport/pergola to provide a greater transparency to the rear of the lot. The second device reorganizes the site into three zones: one dominant long zone that stretches the full length of the site and two intimate adjacent spaces which flank it – the carport, and a patio built around a mature tree. The long zone stretches the length perception of the site with inserted elements of a dramatic 23-foot long raised plant bed which changes from season-to-season, and a 14-foot long dining table under the pergola at the back. A new lightweight copper cable trellis stretches along the neighbours’ fence and garage at the south, and makes a summer wall of clematis, climbing hydrangea, and roses.

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View of the picnic table and pergola

View towards the picnic area

Looking out from the carport

View from the carport

View towards the front of the garden

View down the long planter

View of the reading nook

View of the reading nook

View of the back of the garage

View from the back lane