View of the garden from above

Three elements – dock, wall and metal cage – were used in this garden renovation to pull together disparate parts of the existing garden – perennial beds that we have reorganized and freshened up with tall grasses, a large bare root mound under a Norway Maple and a concrete patio next to the house. The dock is a long narrow deck running the full rear of the site that provides seating under the tree, a surface for pots, and a perforated framework for the existing shrubs. The stone wall helps support the deck and metal cage at either end, bisects the garden to separate the lawn from a newly sloped and planted area under the tree, and supports a sculpture pedestal at a pivot point in the centre of the garden. Finally, the metal cage provides a three dimensional trellis to provide much needed plantings close to the patio.

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View of rear garden and shed

View towards seating on wooden dock

View of the gazing globe

Sculptural pivot point

View of shrub in deck cut-out

Existing shrub accommodated into the dock

View of the dining area

Dining area on patio

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