Cabbagetown Garden

View of the upper terrace

From indoors this 20' × 70' garden is a tilted canvas of texture and colour, seamlessly extending the indoor living space outside. Seen from this vantage point, the length of the garden is foreshortened. The character of the planting from this view will change over the seasons as the waves of plants grow and then diminish in size, and the bands of colour change.

From the dining terrace at the top of the slope, the space of the garden opens up – the garden view down the hill appears longer allowing the dining area at the back to feel secluded, removed from the house by distance, height, and by an industrial metal stair “bridge”. The stair is in stark contrast to the delicateness of the plants – it floats over the planting and reinforces the separateness of the lower space and the upper space.

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View to the upper terrace

View up to Upper Terrace

View of the big stair

The Big Stair

View of the upper planting beds

Plantings in summer

Detail view of the wall

Detail of Gabion Wall

View from the upper terrace

View back to the house

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