Baby Point Garden

View of the pool and house

Front and rear gardens were created for this large city property that stretches from the sweeping greenway streetscape to the deep ravine of the Humber River. Maintaining the understated address to the street, but hinting at the contemporary treatment of the house interior and rear, the front garden is layered with a sequence of limestone walls with built in lights, and perennial planting. The limestone walls reference the existing limestone stoop, but create an abstract, crisp, modern organization for the soft planting and existing grove of mature maple trees.

At the rear, the obsolete play structure was replaced with a swimming pool, pool house addition, lounge areas, planting, and a new path to the existing belvedere over the ravine. The pool and patios recontextualize the existing raised patio into a multi-layered spatial sequence of lounge areas close to the house while leaving a long view as a foreground to the rich treed ravine beyond. Custom tables and benches complement the new wood fencing and pool house.

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View of the front garden

View from the street

View of the front garden at night

The front garden at night

Detail view of the front path

The stone path to the front stoop

View of the front garden lights

Front garden walls and lighting

View of the poolhouse

The newly screened poolhouse

View of the pool looking west

The pool looking west

View of the pool looking east

The pool looking east

View of the outdoor lounge area

The outdoor lounge area

View of the ravine belvedere

The ravine belvedere

View of the pool and house at night

The back garden at night