Ashley Park Garden

The panels in the north garden

This project posed the challenge of creating privacy screening to shield views from adjacent properties, without the use of enclosed fencing. The solution involved the design of metal and resin screens that now stand tall amongst the yard’s lush foliage. These architectural interventions allow for interactions between the plants and the new structures, while also blocking views from neighbouring properties. To create a more ephemeral bookend for the balcony, the same sky-coloured resin and metal screens were used to cover the 1960s-style, decorative and open concrete block. With this newfound privacy at the balcony and yard level, the homeowners are able to privately enjoy sweeping views of the pool, garden, and beyond.

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View of the garden looking south

View of the south screen wall

View looking east

The screens with the pool beyond

Detail view of the screens

Detail view of a screen cluster

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