Waterloo Regional Children's Museum

The wingnut

This project reconciles two difficult goal of signage for a children’s museum: clarity and fun. The scope of work includes base building signage, exhibit signage titles and explanations, and some printed matter. The base building signage makes cheeky reference to a major architectural feature – the “hole-y wall” to provide easy orientation. For the exhibit signage, a system of signage was developed for the exhibits that could radically morph to suit the size, texture, complexity, and individuality of the exhibits.

Building Directory sign

Individual floor identification signs

Building directory and door signage

Tot Spot wall sign

Tot Spot floor sign

The Tot Spot signage: beads and wires above the Parent's entry door, tot-level signage on the floor.

Sketch of Hero Kits

Hero Kits containing relevant subject materials

Mock-up of big M made of wingnuts

The Mechanical City – The wingnut M

Energy Playground sign
Water Garden sign
Flash Wall sign
Shadow Play sign

Area signs used a consistent typeface that was rendered in different ways: 3D, painted, projected, or constructed, in a thematically consistent manner.

Alternate subject sign mock-ups

Alternate subject signs

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