A Conversation of Views

View of the Viewing Frame and Table

This installation is one of four outdoor pieces commissioned by the Oakville Galleries for the surrounding public Gairloch Gardens. The installation is situated in a neglected area that was a former service yard for the estate. The project is concerned with both the physical and the historical perceptions of this room-like space. The installation explores the tension between the edges and the body of the outdoor room using two types of viewing devices, transformed and writ large: the Renaissance perspective drawing frame (perspectival) and the Victorian gazing globe (anti-perspectival). The installation includes two very large gazing globes, a hedge of fencing and red climbing plants, a 41-foot long viewing table, and a pavilion with benches.

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View towards the lake along the table

View from the Pavilion

View of the Pavilion, table, and frame

The Pavilion, Table, and Frame

Detail view of the Viewing Frame

The Viewing Frame from the lake side

View from the Pavilion to the lake

Looking down the Hedge

Angled view of the pavilion

Looking back to the Large Globe

View of the large globe

The Large Globe

View of the small globe

The Small Globe and the Pavilion

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