Mori Motion Floor

Diagram of the viewing box

The Viewing Box

This project was a competition entry to an unrealized exhibit.

The MORI Motion Floor

Project in Mori Japan proposed using multi video projection on the floor to explore the theme of one’s identity in the dense urban city. The installation consists of a random grid of hot spots that would be triggered by a visitor’s movement. Upon activation, the visitors find themselves at the centre of a full motion video projection that has been unfolded onto the floor in a kind of reverse origami of ones’ view of the world. The places are real – favourite and secret places that provide respite from the hepped-up urban condition. In the darkened room, the visitors act like cursers on a screen, unexpectedly activating hot spots. In the process of moving about as individuals, exploring the room, trying to find their special place, a collective dance will take place.

The Viewing Box showing images

The Viewing Box – Filled

Plan showing the hot spots

The Hot Spots on the Dance Floor

Plan showing the activated areas

Activated Areas