arvo pärt hall
and vadabuse square

View of the Hall from the Square

In July 2009, PLANT participated in an international competition to design a new performance hall with accompanying public square in Rakvere, Estonia. In detail, the scheme required a building to accommodate two music halls with seating for 540 (400 + 140), to be adjoined to an existing building, a church constructed in 1940, and a new public square immediately adjacent. The new building sits back from the existing church allowing a grand public terrace at the second floor looking onto the new Arvo Pärt Plaza and the Square. Joining the plaza and the terrace is a ceremonial set of stairs to provide 24-hour access to the belvedere, as well as providing overlook to the Plaza and the Square. Setting the new building mass back allows the terrace between the new and old to be oriented to the diagonal view along with the Grand Stair and Plaza.

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View of the Square from the Hall

View of the Square from the Hall

View of the Hall and Church

View showing the main entry to the Hall

The Entry Lobby

The Entry Lobby

The Upper Lobby

View down the Main Stair from the Upper Lobby

View of the Arvo Room

Inside the Arvo Room

Site Plan

The Site Plan showing neighbouring buildings

Parking Level Plan

Lower Level Site Plan showing the integrated parking

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