Markham Street Residence

View of the new gable

This attic renovation of a large Victorian house created a family living suite in a two family co-operative household. The attic was substantially re-planned and a large new dormer addition made, to allow for a study, living room, two bedrooms and bathroom to accommodate a new child’s entry into the family. Anticipating g a home birth in the water, the bath occupied a special place with a corner window and grand view of the city. As space was at a premium, built in cabinetry was designed for storage in all of the nooks and crannies of the knee spaces. Additionally, we made a long paper lamp for the tall main square staircase.

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View of the Den

View of Living Room

View out the bathroom window.

Bathroom Window

The stairwell light

Stairway light fixture made by PLANT

View of the new Deck stairs

View of the new gable

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