Helena Avenue Residence Two

View from the Back Yard

This 240 sf addition provides much needed family room space, rear entry vestibule and powder room to the house. A high sloping ceiling, skylight and large windows provide a spacious feeling room that takes in the whole garden in a grand view. The wall between the existing kitchen and the new room has been completely removed to provide openness to the natural light and the garden. A window seat, entertainment centre and a home office workstation have been tucked into the wall-to-wall cabinetwork. The cantilevered shed roof extends over the entry to provide cover for inclement weather and shade, as well as defining the entry space. The project also incorporated a new back garden layout.

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View between the houses to the Garden

View from Entry to The Garden

View from the Back Yard

View from The Garden

View over the Window Seat to the Garden

The Window Seat

View from the Kitchen

View towards The Garden

View of the Desk and bookshelf

The Work Station

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