Browning Avenue Residence

The Dining Area

Renovations to this three-storey downtown house focused on the reorganization of the ground floor entry and living spaces, and second floor bathroom and office, and general upgrading of finishes. The house’s open plan lacked definition, storage, and exposed the living/dining area awkwardly to the vestibule. Existing doors, trim, and baseboards had been previously replaced with cheap flimsy materials. The clients desired an interior that felt “solid” and substantial, that was cozy and comforting, well-organized, and with lots of natural light. Though a family of three, the house needed to meet their extended family needs. Our solution was to insert an enveloping piece of millwork which considered the living/dining/vestibule as a continuous room, but with distinct areas and characters distinguished by built-in seating, storage, stair balustrade, wall, and ceiling components. The wood (white-stained birch) brought the necessary feeling of solidity and cosiness, and with no changes to the windows, renders the rooms light and reflective. Custom millwork included the built-in components and the vestibule glove/hat rack and dining table. All doors, baseboards and casings were replaced with solid wood, and all lighting changed.

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View from the Pond

Dining Area with custom Table and Bench

View Uphill

Vestibule with custom Glove/Hat Rack

View from the Pond

View towards the Vestibule

View from the Pond

The built in Bench

View from the Pond


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