Berkeley Street Residence

The Tower and the Townhouse

Work on this existing live-work structure* in downtown Toronto involved a 2,000 sf interior renovation and new cladding concepts for the exterior façades. This concept creates a more inviting entry that distinguishes the office entrance from the residential entrance, with an interior door that connects the owners’ Victorian house with the modern tower. The interior renovation creates a series of level and half-levels that lead up to a loft with cinematic views of the downtown cityscape.

For the exterior façade, a new palette of warmer, tactile materials was used including a light-coloured skin, metal window accents and cedar cladding – each working together to lighten the overall massing of the upper portion of the building while also providing a warmer façade at various entry points.

View from the main room to the City

Looking out to the City

View of the new kitchen

View of the new kitchen

Detail view of the kitchen

Detail of the new kitchen

View back from the big window

View back from the big window

Detail view of balcony from across the street

View of the Second Floor Balcony from the North

View of upper deck from the top lookout

View of the upper deck, looking to the City

View of the new vestibule and screen

The new entry on Adelaide Street

View of the North Fa├žade

View of the Tower from across Adelaide Street

*The original project was designed by Ferguson Ferguson Architects in 1989, during which time PLANT partner Chris Pommer worked on the initial design.The original house was awarded an OAA Award of Excellence in 1991/92.

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