Belleville Residence

North Elevation detail

View of Existing and New

This 720 sf house addition keys into the existing “salt box” house form in an “L” to make a courtyard-like parking area in front. At the rear a long porch onto the garden unifies the old and the new living spaces. The roof form is sympathetic to the salt box, yet makes a heliotropic departure to allow for maximum area and optimum angle for solar panels. The project’s strong ecological agenda also led to the integration of passive solar design into the rear façade and a completely new building envelope on the existing house. The addition contains a family room with overlooking master bedroom suite, kitchen eating area, and basement workshop, virtually doubling the existing house size. The structure was completed by a contractor, and the finishes are being completed by the client.

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Living Room

The Living Room

Living Room detail

The Living Room

Living Room detail

The Living Room

View to Master Bedroom

View to the Master Bedroom

View of the house from the south

Construction View showing Solar Panels

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